Our location provides our guests with a wide variety of activities that you can enjoy on the island of Aruba. And surely for all tastes. Our personal recommendations


Please contact or whatsapp +297-6418754 for times and days available for each practice. Hours or different location can be arranged upon request.



Get up close and personal with Aruba's wildlife in a way that's currently unique on the island. With a private guide, climb the highest point of Aruba without the noise of engines.



Score amazing views of Aruba's underwater world on this guided kayaking tour from Arashi Beach. Jump in a glass-bottom kayak and paddle out onto the water just in time for sunset. 


Aruba are happy to provide incredible custom and personalised diving and sport fishing experiences in Aruba. If you are interested in going scuba diving in Aruba or doing some sport fishing we would be honoured to have you aboard!

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